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Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 12:24am

The Executive Secretary of Zimbawbwe Community Groups UK, Josh Chigwangwa, last night attended an invitational feeback workshop hosted by Mary Malpas at Oxfam's Online Hub factory in Welwyn Garden City. Mary Malpas Oxfam Trading’s Communications Coordinator made a presentation about her recent trip to Zambia and what Oxfam is doing to overcome poverty and suffering. The workshop was also attended by supporters of various local organisations, providing an opportunity to network, meet like-minded supporters of Oxfam's work at the WGC online hub. Mary touched on the plight of many children who have orphaned as a result of the scourge of HIV and Aids, the Oxfam's challenges with a populace dominated by christian values, presentations of the devastation caused by floods particularly along the Zambezi and Luangwa flood plains.

The writer resonated with most of the presentations having worked for 3 years in the Zamabezi Valley assisting rural communities with water and sanitation projects, reclamation of gullies and the communal areas management of indigenous resources (CAMPFIRE) which helped control poaching activities and raised funds for community developments.She illustrated pictures of outlying areas were 240 children shared a single Teacher providing services on a voluntary basis and the insecurity of food supplies due to heavy rains and flooding. The classroom is a makeshift thatch comprising sand filled floors with logs tilted as benches. The majority being boys attending school whilst girls have to fend for the familiy at home.There is need to augment and support the efforts of Oxfam to alleviate poverty in remote parts of Africa due to marginalised support from Local Authorities.

Welwyn Garden City Online Hub is manned by volunteers who facilitate the sale of clothing on line to raise funds for this charity, visit for more details. Individuals and Community groups are being urged to visit the Hub and register interest to offer services to support the work of Oxfam and shop online as well to mobilise resources for the charity.

You can read a bit about Oxfam's work in Zambia here:

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