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You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
You are well-suited towards sales roles since you are persuasive and often able to convince others of your ideas. When presented with an obstacle, you often come up with out-of-the-box solutions. You can sell to others in innovative and creative ways. If a product is not selling, you will often come up with new techniques to sell it that have not been tried before.
You understand how to portray your ideas to make them appealing to others. Combined with some analytical skills, this would make you phenomenal at marketing. Marketing is more art than science, and you thrive in areas with rules are not clearly defined.
Product Management
You like to take build things and pursue your own ideas. When given responsibility to manage a product, if you can believe that its yours and given full responsibility for it, you will excel at the job. However if the role is presented to you as mechanical list of to-do items, you will treat this as someone else's idea and not perform as well.
You are always looking for opportunities and ideas. In a mediocre organization that is very rigid, you will fail. However within the right company that values innovation, disruption and new ideas, you will quickly rise to the top because of your enterprising nature. You are more well-suited towards small businesses and start-ups that tend to be open and flexible.
Business Development
Similar to your prowess at sales and marketing, you will do well at building partnerships for your organization in a business development role. You will thrive where the opportunities and role is less defined. You are the rainmaker for your organization, and will always keep trying to bring in new opportunities and ideas. When paired with the Social personality-type, you will be a 5-star BD person.
Venture Capital
You believe in taking calculated risks with your time and your money. You would be well-suited towards venture capital (VC, Angel, Private Equity) where you are making risky, ill-defined investment decisions in new and small businesses. Where the rest of the world sees uncertainty, you see opportunity. When combined with an Analytical type, this would make you an ideal junior or mid-level manager. When combined with a Social type, this would make you an excellent partner at a VC firm.
This is your best-fit role. You have had some experience organizing things - events, parties, charities or groups. You are naturally good at organizing businesses. You are able to deal with your fear of failure and take calculated risks. All Enterprising types should try starting a business at some point in their lives - even if it is just a small side- business. It will be a rewarding experience.
When combined with an Artistic or Analytical personality type, this makes you well- suited to being an Inventor. This also influences what kind of products you will make as an inventor. You may already have thought of new products that are just waiting to be invented. You may also have a patent to your name. When combined with an Artistic personality type, you will come up with the most creative inventions possible.

 Secondary Match: 

You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
You believe in the tried and tested way of doing things, and excel in structured environments. You are the nuts-and-bolts of an organization. You keep the wheels turning with your disciplined, organized approach. Over time, this makes you invaluable to any organization since you quickly and quietly get work done. Because of this you will rise up the ranks quickly and become a manager, supervisor or executive overseeing your area of work.
You particularly excel at operations, logistics and the art of the mundane. Getting stuff co-ordinated, delivered, manufactured or supplied on time and per schedule. You have the ability to take a set of procedures and streamline them to make them better. You also have the discipline to be good at doing the same thing routinely, and pay attention to detail. When combined with a Realistic personality type, you will be amazing at this role.
Logistice & Supply chain
With any project, you are good at managing and executing the mundane. Whether it is managing a network of vendors and suppliers, or organizing the tickets for a corporate event, you can get things done efficiently and quickly. When combined with a Realistic personality type, you will be excellent at this role.
Finance & Accounting
When combined with an Analytical personality, this is your best-fit role. It takes some specialized training, but within the highly rule-based world of finance and accounting you will excel. Numbers do not lie. Balance sheets are driven by a fixed set of rules. Because of your discipline and stick-to-the-rules approach, you will be valuable in this role.
Project Manager
When a project comes in that has a list of requirements, deliverables and a deadline, you will do really well. When it is not defined, you will not perform well. Since most projects are structured and defined, this is a role you are suited to.
Customer Service & Support
When combined with a Social personality type, there is perhaps no better customer service rep out there. You care for people, and you have the ability to get their problems resolved within the rules and structure given to you by your organization.
Government is built on a large set of rules and procedures. Most government departments have a sizable bureaucracy. You are content to live by the rules, and when needed, know how to shortcut them to get your job done. Bureaucracy does not intimidate you. You will be a good fit within most government jobs.

 Other Match: 

You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
You enjoy getting the job done whether it is delivering a shipment of supplies, finishing production on a key component, or meeting a deadline. You also like to see real, tangible results of your efforts immediately. You will excel in executive roles that are about delivering a measurable result and working with physical things - Operations, Production, Manufacturing, Sales etc. When combined with an Enterprising personality type, you will make a solid C-level executive.
Law Enforcement
You see things as they are. As a law enforcement officer, lawyer or a judge, you will come across all sorts of people driven by unrealistic or untrue ideas. You will know how to deal with them based on facts and reality. You can distinguish between fact and fiction, reality and drama. When combined with an Enterprising type, you will be realistic and persuasive, making you an especially good lawyer or counsel.
The construction industry is about building real, tangible things with your hands. You will enjoy seeing a home or a building result directly from your efforts. You will be effective here in most roles.
Of all the personality types, you are the best-suited towards agriculture. You understand the real important of food production, of being close to real things, and working with your hands. You will enjoy seeing your crops grow. You will enjoy the direct result of your long, disciplined efforts.
Manufacturing Manager
You hate working in industries or roles where people just talk and nothing gets done. In a well-run manufacturing organization, you will enjoy producing your industrial supplies at the end of each day. You will be good at the details of manufacturing and industrial supplies. You will get the job done, and move up the ranks quickly.
Editor, Journalism
Being an editor or a reporter in a news publication will appeal to you since it deals with real events and people. There are daily deadlines, real problems, and real things to get done. You will enjoy being in close touch with events as they are happening, and stories as they are unfolding. You will bring a no-bullshit attitude to finding the facts which most news organizations will value and appreciate.
Surgeon, Doctor
Your dispassionate focus on the facts and reality make you an adept surgeon or physician. You will be able to perform surgery without feeling scared, nauseous or uncertain. When combined with the Social personality type, this will make you an excellent doctor. You'll build caring relationships with patients, and deal with their problems based on research and facts efficiently.
Executive Assistant
Your attention to detail, and your hard work ethic, will make you a good assistant. Whatever the items on today's list, you will get them done. Because of that, others will learn to rely on you for getting the small things done quickly and without hassle.

 Other Match:

You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
Academics, Teaching
You enjoy the life of the mind. Intellectual pursuit of knowledge can be an end in and of itself. There is great joy in dealing with complex ideas and problems, and coming up with elegant solutions. You enjoy helping young minds experience and learn knowledge, and transferring on what you have learnt. Your career in academia can be a life-long one. When combined with a Social or Artistic personality type, you will make a 5-star teacher.
Researcher (all areas)
Being a Researcher in any area or discipline means being on the cutting edge of knowledge in that area. You enjoy pushing and expanding the limits of knowledge. You scope out the problem, then devise the most probable method to get to a solution. With your highly-developed analytical skills and insatiable sense of curiosity, you can keep researching hard problems until you come up with a solution.
You can apply your analytical and problem-solving skills to be a very competent engineer. Whether it is building bridges, designing a circuit or running an experiment, your attention to detail and analytical mind bring you clear advantages. You derive a sense of satisfaction from an engineering task completed. When combined with a Realistic personality type, you will make a 5-star Engineer.
Computer Software
Similar to Engineering, you are very good at computers. Chances are you already know a lot about how to operate them efficiently. You are good at math, at relationships between variables, and understand how software should run. You will be very strong in writing computer code, designing software and architecting complex computing systems. When combined with an Enterprising personality type, you can be a superb technology entrepreneur.
Strategy & Corporate Development
Strategic thinking requires analysis and advance planning. It requires an innate ability to understand cause-and-effect variables, and use that to forecast likely future outcomes. You have the ability to perform well in strategic and corporate development roles at large organizations, research institutions and government think-tanks. You can analyze and prepare a good strategic roadmap for an organization.
Money Management
Your deep analytical skills make you suitable for managing money and delivering better- than-market returns for investors. You can apply your analysis to new investment ideas and show whether they are viable or not. Your understanding of abstract variables, probability and likely outcomes allow you to invest better than average. You would fit in well within a hedge fund, private equity or mutual fund. When combined with a Realistic personality type, you would make the best of investor - one not driven by emotions but by logic, and one with patience.

 Other Match:

You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
Human Resources
You have an innate understanding of people. You are able to build a good rapport, listen to others, and know how to deal with them. You build good relationships with people. This makes you an excellent fit for Human Resources - whether as a recruiter, counselor or manager. People like talking to you. They feel they can trust you. And you use that trust wisely to help them.
Client Services
Client services is as much about relationships as the job itself. You understand that and excel at it. You can keep people interested and engaged in you. Even if projects are performing badly, you can often use your superior relationship advantages to soothe things over and solve problems.
Customer Support
When combined with a Conventional personality type, you make an excellent customer support rep. You understand how to work within prescribed rules, and enjoy making people happy by solving their problems. You believe that people come first, and your customers can notice that. You are likely to do well and be promoted quickly within a customer support role.
Nursing, Doctor
You make an excellent care-giver, whether as a nurse or a physician. Healing people requires love and understanding, and you have plenty of both. You can build a relationship with your patients based on genuine empathy, which positively affects their healing. They will keep coming back to you, and your practice will grow.
Sales, Consultant
You are a natural salesperson. Because people like you, they are often open to your ideas and what you are selling them. You first establish a relationship, and then introduce your product or service. You may not want to hurt people, so you don't push too hard in selling. When combined with an Enterprising personality-type, you can really excel at sales by being both relationship-driven and persuasive.
Education, Teacher
There is perhaps no greater joy for you than helping teach and mentor young minds. You are helping the next generation. You feel your students are your children, and care deeply for them. When combined with an Analytical personality type, you can excel at teaching in higher-education (college, university etc).
Charity & Welfare
This is your best-fit role. You are naturally good at relating with others, and excel at all sorts of welfare and charity work. You genuinely care about people and this will show in your work. You are likely to perform well at charities.

 Other Match: 

You are naturally suited well towards the following roles:
Fine Arts
You believe work should be an outlet for creative expression. You believe in your individuality. You believe that we are here to build and express new things, and that by doing so, we make the world a better place. our sensitivity allows you to see things that others often miss. This can be both a blessing and a curse, but it makes you unique. You are a highly creative person, and would likely excel at all forms of Fine Art - painting, sculpture, drawing and others. This is your best-fit role.
Actor, Theater
Your flair for expression, and desire for attention, makes you adept at the performing arts. When combined with the Social personality type, you can relate to people on-stage with your facial expressions and body language. You have nuance, and your desire for the spotlight allows you to excel at the performing arts.
This is another common outlet for creative expression. You would derive satisfaction from writing, if that becomes your emotional outlet. To excel at writing, it is best to separate personal and professional writing. Personal is what you write for yourself. Professional is what you write for others. Focus professional writing on areas that you have an expertise in, and that are of strong interest to others.
When combined with the Enterprising personality type, you can be a great inventor. Creativity does not always have to be expressed through a paintbrush. It was shine through brilliant new products or services. You have the spark of creativity in you that shows you what is possible.
Graphic Designer, Advertising
Your master of color, speech or form allows you to craft marketing messages in attractive ways so that others will listen. Your are never out of new ideas. This makes you very valuable to advertising agencies, ad networks and other companies involved in selling things.
Director, Film & Movies
Your flair for creative expression can dramatically enhance the art of story-telling in movies and television. We are drawn to good stories, and you know how to make them special. When combined with an Enterprising personality type, you will have both the ability to tell good stories via film, and to persuade others to help you make them a reality.
Music & Entertainment
You can recognize good talent. Your musical tastes are likely well-developed. You could be a good musician, composer or songwriter. Or you could excel within the recording and entertainment industry as someone who recognizes and nurtures good talent.

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